Can’t even joke about the cover of UG. It’s kickass. :’(

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New cover I made for Welcome to England—finally not so beige lol.
Press Release: Tori Amos- "Pu$$y (feat. Nicki Minaj)" ↘



Tori Amos, the legendary singer-songwriter with a career spanning nearly 3 decades, releases her first album of original music in nearly 3 years. After careful consideration, the illustrious pop singer—a minister’s daughter who has has revolutionized the music industry for women and young…

Pushing boundaries.

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"Sinful Sin" lead single off "Unrepentant Geraldines."`
plot twist
May 22, 2013 (New York, NY) - Powerful, emotive recording artist. Dynamic, charismatic live performer. Acclaimed interpreter of songs. With an unparalleled resumé that spans more than two decades and several music genres, Tori Amos is pop music’s ultimate Renaissance woman. Her musical, The Light Princess, which she emphasizes took 5000 years to work on, will debut in October, but Tori Amos continues her personal musical journey on a lower scale. This fall will see the release of Rapture in Moonlight, which is Tori’s first piano centered album. Tori describes the songs as duets, though it is only her voice that is heard on the album. “This is probably as close to a duets album as I’ll ever get. It’s a marriage of the piano and guitar, something I’ve explored in the past, but never to this degree. What people don’t understand is that you need a balance. The guitar provides that, yet it is not a dominant presence. That’s my role. I wear the heels.” The first single, Sweet Pea Galaxy, is an unusual mix of prepared piano and classic electric guitar, a sound that is as edgy as it is avant-garde. “After working on the musical and Night of Hunters for so long, I wanted to explore a less traditional sound. Something that isn’t as melodic and structured as those works,” says Amos of the album.  “Rapture in Moonlight is about the lost love between a husband and wife, yet it also celebrates the birth of love. The piano, in a sense, is that birth, while the guitar represents the death that we all experience on a daily basis. There’s a rough, almost difficult quality to the guitar that is just not found in any instrument. That raw male energy is coupled with the piano, and again, I wanted to capture the harmony and discord between the two. Yes, there is sensuality and eroticism here, but there has to be a balance. If you’re going to have a nice glass of Bordeaux with your husband, how can you not have the cheese to go along with it?” Track list:01. Rapture in Moonlight 02. Suns and Moons 03. Sweet Pea Galaxy 04. Hungry Ghost 05. Murmur  06. In 07. Lyric in His Hair 08. Four Horses for The Bride 09. Rainfall  10. Ground


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